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Milick: The first half was so bad that Murthans played much better

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Posted on: 09/14/17
After the Naples 1-2 loss to the miners, Naples striker Millik admitted that when the Mertens off the bench after playing, Naples like fitted with gears. But the team's performance in the first half is too bad.

"It's hard to say why this happened, it was our second or even third game start, and we had to change because the first half was really really bad until the last 25 minutes we kicked out Want the football, but it's too late to win the game.

"Mertens played really good after playing, gave us a lot of power, created a lot of opportunities.I penalty into the penalty is because he is the worst is that we lose, and now we have to Look before and concentrate on the league. "

Milick was seriously wounded by the cruciate ligament a year ago, and now he said he was fully recovered.

"I am physically rehabilitated and mentally strong, and I have to Rocket League Items show it on the floor, not just the interview, and now I am a stronger player and I want to prove my strength."


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