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Rocket League clash at DreamHack Atlanta

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Posted on: 01/12/18
The Muffin Men's win of Rocket League Keys endure month's $50,000 Rocket League clash at DreamHack Atlanta not alone accent a abundant aggregation name but aswell a abundant aggregation story. The bearding band weren't seeded as top as some of the sport's juggernauts, but on the final day, they burst through NRG and G2 Esports North America's ability teams and afresh took down the surging Gale Force Esports to win the championship.

But their adventure started able-bodied afore DreamHack Atlanta. The Muffin Men were originally allotment of Aggregation Iris, a band that seemed like a lock for Rocket League Championship Alternation ascendancy endure spring, but afresh they absent out on the analysis actually acknowledgment to a bad condoning run. Instead of splintering apart, this leash ashore calm alfresco of the RLCS spotlight, acceptable abate association tournaments and honing their aptitude for brighter canicule ahead.

It formed out: They won DreamHack Atlanta, their absolute aboriginal LAN together. And afresh canicule later, they alive to Cloud9, establishing accession massive North American force as the new RLCS analysis approaches. On the appendage of their signing, we batten to associates Kyle "Torment" Storer and Mariano "SquishyMuffinz" Arruda about afraid out the boxy times, signing with Cloud9 and what makes them so able out on the pitch.


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